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We’re committed to building a strong base of loyal members who can count on us to maintain the highest standard of fitness training.

At Gym-Max we have what you really want in a health club: state-of-the-art, stylish, hyper-clean and hassle-free facilities that are filled with tons of brand-name cardio and strength-training equipment.

What is Gym-Max?

Fitness centerFor many, Gym-Max is a stepping stone to future goals, a buoy, a salvation . . . a lifeline. It is a place we go to feel good. It’s an investment in ourselves. A time-out. ME time!

For others, it is a social circle or the perfect reason to get out of bed. For many, it is a second home, and for some, it’s a first. The gym is a declaration: “I’m important!” It’s a community, a routine, a daily rendez-vous with your favourite cardio machine. It’s an escape from everyday life and a positive way to channel frustration, anger or sadness. It’s the AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) that keeps you straight. It’s the one thing that keeps you moving forward. It’s results but ultimately, it’s a place to feel good.


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What Our Clients Are Saying


    We train here when we are in town. The staff is welcoming. Prices are high as in all gyms but there is a lot of equipment and the place is clean.

    Sophie Gosselin

    Great gym! The employees are always smiling and kind. The property is very clean!

    Jean-François Côté-Lamoureux

    Very nice atmosphere . . . welcoming staff . . . lots of diversity with the courses and training. Coach available on site . . . everything under the same roof!

    Nancy Deschatelets

    The best maintained gym in the area. The equipment is always in good condition, the gym is always clean, and the staff is very nice.

    Jean Sébastien Boutin

    An exceptional gym with friendly staff, excellent shakes, large area and lots of equipment and services.

    Vince Roy