The Bootycamp class is focused on developing the glutes, but also on strengthening the body as a whole. From beginner to advanced levels, this class helps you push your limits and reach your goals. Set to upbeat music, this class is designed for everyone, no matter your age or level of expertise. It is a perfect balance of cardiovascular and muscular work.


This course is designed for all age groups, beginner or advanced, men and women. You will love learning boxing techniques and self-defence while improving your fitness! Safe and fun, this intensive class will increase your strength, endurance, speed, coordination, conditioning, flexibility and reflexes, while having fun!

Chrono 30

This course combines muscular conditioning and cardiovascular endurance through circuit and interval training. It is recommended for those in search of a new challenge. This class is physically demanding yet requires little coordination.


With daily routines forcing many of us into poor posture, the manner in which we conduct our daily active mobility efforts ultimately impacts our ability to lift without pain or injury. The ELDOA method is a series of self-taught and self-applied postural exercises that improve functional joint mechanics for any type of athlete. With the primary goal of providing targeted internal tension and loading to reduce pressure on the spinal discs, improve circulation and reduce back pain; the goals of improved posture and wellness are truly within reach.

MaxFit WOD

This course is great for men and women who want to push every aspect of their training to the fullest and who want to achieve optimal fitness. Class includes short term, high intensity workouts, that are safe and effective. During this class you will run, row, climb, jump, move objects. You will practice Olympic weightlifting movements and exercises using body weight, dumbbells, gymnastic rings, boxes, kettlebells and cables. Be ready for a challenge … you will participate in the Workout of the Day (WOD) See you there!

Functional Fitness

These classes will give you the tools you need to develop and improve your functional bodybuilding techniques. These classes are not just for beginners, but for anyone who wants to practice and develop form and technique. Each class will end with a practice session using everything you have learned.


This course will help develop each participant’s confidence both in the gym and in everyday life. The intention of this course is to acquire useful skills in case of an emergency and to improve physical fitness. To achieve this, participants will train their reflexes, agility, flexibility as well as several self-defense moves that could be used in the face of a physical assault. So, to feel safer wherever you go, to have fun and to keep in good shape, join us!

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