The following form is available to assist you in the process of receiving your refund.
Please download this form and complete it. There will be a box where you can drop it off once we reopen. Refunds will be processed by our administration team.

What is my refund for?
Each client is entitled a refund for each day the club was closed until the day it opens.

How is my refund calculated?
Refunds are calculated by the following method:
Bi-weekly payment divided by 14 days ex: $23.00/14
$1.64 X the number of days closed. (December 29, 2018 to open date)

How will you refund me?
Refunds will be given by either Direct Deposit .

If I want my refund back in the form of time on my membership?
We will be able to extend memberships that are paid in full, however all those paying bi-weekly will need to be refunded by e-transfer or direct deposit.
Although this seems like an easy request our membership management software is limited. As you know, most clients pay bi-weekly and many clients do not have enough autopay’s left to cover the amount of the refund.

Can’t you just return the payments on my credit card?
Unfortunately this is not an option. We would need to return each payment individually. In addition, we are unable to refund partial amounts. Refunds would need to be for the exact amount as the original charge.

I have other questions, how can I get in touch with you?
If you have other questions, please feel free to email us at


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